"Melgarejo" Hojiblanca EVOO — Spain

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Robust Intensity

Crush Date:  October 2021

Our Spanish Hojiblanca is floral with a green almond center and notes of melon. The lingering szechuan peppercorn sensation is indicative of the high phenol content. Our greenest oil with high fruitiness scores. Always awarded.  

*Biophenols: 608.3 PPM            *FFA: 0.22
*Oleic Acid: 76.0                       *Peroxide: 4.7
*DAGs: 98.4                             *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:  Fruitiness: 6.0 Bitterness: 5.0 Pungency: 5.5

(*) As measured at the time of crush.

Country of origin:  SPAIN