Organic Chetoui EVOO — Tunisia

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Intensity: Robust 

The Highest Phenol EVOO We Have This Harvest!

*Crush Date: Octoberber 2021

This extraordinarily high phenol Organic Chetoui registers the highest phenol count of the season and is among the highest in the world utilizing the official recognized method. It displays bitterness and delayed significant pepperiness signifying the healthy anti-oxidant content. We have dubbed this pungent example a "3 Cougher". Contains malty flavors and notes of green almond and green tea.      

*Biophenols: 969.4 PPM         *FFA: 0.21
*Oleic Acid: 64.4                     *Peroxide: 5.8
*DAGs: 96.2                           *PPP: <1.0

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:  Fruitiness: 5.3 Bitterness: 5.6 Pungency: 4.3

(*) As measured at the time of crush

Country of Origin: TUNISIA